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WARNING: Do You Honestly Think Your Anonymous E-mail Service Is Really Anonymous??!!

If you're really want to Send Anonymous E-mails, we are going to show YOU how easily you can do it, so pay close attention as we reveal ...

 A *100% Anonymous* E-mail System, "Guaranteed" To Keep Your Whereabouts Undetected...

...And You Can Also Make Your E-mail Appear Like It Came From Any E-mail Address You Choose, Stopping Anyone Who is Snooping Dead In Their Tracks!



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Hi, Privacy Seekers...

With the disappearance of privacy and civil liberties around the world, there is finally something to cheer about. We, at, are offering a new, breakthrough technology that allows you send anonymous emails through our servers from anywhere on the planet. There is no way that your e-mails can be traced back to you, and no logs are kept.

The fact is, if you browse the Internet, you will notice that that are several companies who claim they offer anonymous e-mail services. However, a thorough look through their Terms of Service Agreement and you find out the truth..

It's so dishonest...

Upon reading the fine print, you notice that these "anonymous" services will cooperate with nearly anyone, for whatever reason if they are trying to trace your e-mail. In other words: They Will Rat You Out At The Drop Of A Dime! .... OOPS, so much for their Anonymous E-mail! But how would they really know who you were unless they kept logs, and other records?

To put it bluntly, you are screwed if you use their services, even if your spouse is looking for you, because you missed a few alimony payments, or any other minor things.

Help Is On The Way...

In a few minutes, you are going to be able to send anonymous e-mail, without ever worrying about disclosing your real location, or real e-mail address.


What Are The Reasons For Using Anonymous E-mail

To tell a boss, teacher, or enemy exactly how you feel

To send pranks to someone

To anonymously report someone to the police

To contact someone you met on a chat room, or web site

To contact the IRS about a tax cheat

To help with an investigation, if you are an investigator

To anonymously contact a secret admirer

To express your opinion about a controversial subject

To send your e-mail anonymously in an oppressive country



There are hundreds of reasons why people want to send anonymous, secure e-mails. Whatever your reason is, we offer a high quality service to you.


Benefits Of Using

100% untraceable e-mails. You heard that correctly. Under no circumstances can any of your e-mails be traced back to you, or us.

You have the ability to make your e-mails appear from nearly any address, or you can use an unknown address.

We teach you how to allow your recipient to reply to your e-mail, so you can receive it secure and anonymously.

Your ISP will have no idea about your e-mail, and your IP address is never shown when your mails are sent.

We offer a conditional guarantee that your identity is never disclosed, and the origin of your e-mail is untraceable. No Excuses, that's how we roll!

The price for our service is $25.95 per month. Sign up now to start sending anonymous e-mail Immediately!



What Some Customers Are Saying

“I want to thank all your staff. It's exactly what I've been looking for. The more I use it, the more impressed I am.”

Rode Island

“ was the best privacy investment I ever made. Thanks for your service. is the real deal!”


“Your service is a real time saver . I can’t tell you how happy I am with Anonymity is NOT DEAD!”


“Awesome! I have already referred you to two of my friends.”



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